Sambil Berkain Pelikat, Lelaki Ini Nyanyi Lagu Blues Tentang COVID-19

Seorang lelaki menghiburkan netizen selepas mencipta dan mendendangkan lagu Blues tentang COVID-19 yang digubah dari lagu siri animasi SpongeBob SquarePants.

Lelaki tersebut yang dikenali dengan nama Sheith Faikis di Facebook memuat naik video tersebut di saluran YouTube beliau ‘Gombak Hillbillies‘.

Dalam video tersebut, lelaki tersebut menyanyikan lagu Blues tentang realiti kesan wabak COVID-19 di Malaysia sebelum ditemani oleh anak perempuan, isteri dan kucing peliharaan mereka.

Lagu tersebut mendapat pujian netizen yang nyata terhibur dengan kecerdikan lirik, irama Blues yang menghiburkan dan chemistry yang ditunjukkan oleh anak perempuan dan isterinya ketika menyanyikan lagu tersebut.

Morgan Bala menulis:

“Saya sangat suka muzik dan persembahan awak. Saya dah hantar klip awak ke peminat muzik Blues di New Orleans.”

Joe Congrain pula berkata:

“Ia sangat kelakar dan menghiburkan. Blues gaya Malaysia dalam kain pelikat hahaha.”

Pepeminati pula menulis:

“Power bang. Yang tak minat blues pun jadi minat.”

Tengok video lagu Covid 19 Blues lelaki ini di bawah:

Lirik penuh lagu Covid 19 Blues:

Well I wake up in the morning,
I turn on the news,
The Prime Minister said I got nothing but the blues,
We are all facing a terrible plague,
So you can’t go to work and you can’t go out to play

(Chorus 1)
Oh COVID-19,
You scary little thing,
You got me locked at home,
Screwing up my routine

My dear fellow citizens he went on to say,
I’m so sorry but there’s no other way,
Just stay at home! Please stay safe!
Wash your hands (and don’t touch your face)!

(Chorus 2)
Hey COVID-19,
You dirty protein,
You got me locked at home,
Fussing over my hygiene

I go down to the supermarket to get some supplies,
Cause a man’s gotta eat if he wants to survive,
The egg trays are empty let me tell ya,
You’re a lucky boy if you get Gardenia

(Chorus 3)
Oh COVID-19,
You bring me bad luck,
You got me locked at home,
Eating nothing but Maggi cup

Now it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Ma’ and Pa’,
I miss them so much so I jump into my car,
A cop at the roadbloack says, “You can’t leave town”,
“Or I will lock you in jail if you don’t turn around”

(Chorus 4)
Oh COVID-19,
You break my heart,
You got me locked at home,
Keeping my loved ones apart

Now I miss my Mama and I miss my teh,
I miss sitting and smoking while I wait for my tosai,
I miss seeing tables and chairs lined up on the street,
And the rats on the road just running underneath my feet

(Chorus 5)
Oh COVID-19,
You took my life away,
You got me locked at home,
You’re driving me insane

Now my wife has changed God only knows,
She used to want me always so close,
But now that I’m home she’s acting like a jerk,
I said, “What’s wrong with you?”
And she said, “Social distancing. Haven’t you heard?”

(Chorus 6)
Oh COVID-19,
You make my wife turned,
You got me locked at home,
You’re driving me berserk

Now my daughter stuck at home,
She can’t go to school,
She watches Spongebob all day, all night, all afternoon,
I said, “Too much TV will messes up your head”,
She said, “Noooooooo!”

(Chorus 7)
Oh COVID-19,
You give me bad dreams,
You got me locked at home,
You’re driving me insane

You got us locked at home,
You’re driving us all insane.

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